Over 10 years of experience in browser extensibility Our dev team have the skills, the knowledge and the tools to build robust browser extensions fast

Focus on your business not technology

We do not claim to know and do everything. Our company has a clear focus - browser extensions. We are in that business for more than 10 years. We do have the experience like no one else because developing browser add-ons is our main business model. We love what we do. We excel at what we do. Outsourcing your project to us means handing over the full responsibility to us enabling your company to free internal resources and focus on core business needs. Can you handle every single aspect? You would get better quality and shorter time lines than an in-house employee could provide. Save time and money.

Quality of service

Inacent is a specialized browser extensions development company. We have a small but stable dev team that is with us since the company was founded about 10 years ago. Imagine how good can be a talented programmer who is coding browser extensions for over ten years. Our developers have built core libraries that are proven to work in many projects. That internal framework allows us to build solid products quickly. Businesses are guaranteed of better quality than an in-house employee would give. We will always look to give the best of services since our reputation is at stake. In a tough competition with thousands of other software companies clients from all over the world are choosing Inacent because we build fast and robust client-side solutions.

Reduced costs and time frames

The costs associated with an in-house employee are always higher than the cost of an outside service provider who is specialized in building that specific project type. Because when you are focused on doing one thing, every time you strive to do it better than the previous round. You optimize internal processes, you build tools, you develop your own framework, you make sure the framework is solid with automated tests, you learn the browsers in very detail, you know all the pitfalls, etc. In short, you become a professional at what you do. Inacent has released over 100 browser extensions. You cannot even compare our efficiency to an in-house dev team that has never ever developed a browser plugin. At the end you get your project done faster and better.

Access to specialized skills

An newcomer or in-house employee with no experience in developing browser add-ons has steep learning curve to get to know each browser framework and can easily overlook the many pitfalls that lie ahead. To develop a browser extension far greater knowledge and expertise is required than to build a simple web site, as browser extensions live inside the browser all the time and their code is executed on every single request on every single web page. To make sure user browsing experience is not slowed by using add-ons, browser vendors follow very strict policy of acceptance for add-ons on their web stores. You have to be familiar with all best practices and security guidelines for your extension to pass editors review and be accepted on the browser web store. In short: it has to be an excellent piece of work when it comes to performance and security. Our browser extensions developers have all that knowledge and expertise to guarantee your project success and acceptance on all browser web stores. You do not need to build all that knowledge inside your team for just one project. Use the enormous experience we have gained over the years to your own advantage.


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