Safari Extension Developers Reach out to millions of Apple users through a browser extension on the Apple app store.

Safari extensions are an excellent way to enhance the Apple browser with new functionality like add menus, toolbar buttons, popovers or show your own content in tabs, even on top of other web sites using content and style injection. Our Safari extensions developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build awesome add-ons for the Apple browser. The JavaScript API available allows Safari plugins to do stuff a normal web page cannot. We employ Apple Certified Pros registered at the Apple Developer Program. Besides development services, Inacent provides consultancy, reviews and publishing of your existing Safari extensions. Our developers can be of invaluable help to your project. You'd better outsource your project to our Safari extensions developers if you do not have any expertise developing for the Apple platform in house. Inacent can port your existing extensions for Chrome or Firefox to the Safari browser. We offer special discounts if you target more than one browser as our developers will maximize the code re-use among browsers. Starting from scratch with all browsers in mind, helps us a lot as our add-on developers avoid using API that is not supported on all browsers. Handing over your project to the professionals can make the difference between project success or failure. We guarantee acceptance of your Safari extension to the Apple Web Store as we are certified Apple professionals knowing and following by the letter every development best practice and security policy as advised by Apple.


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