Firefox Extension Developers The Mozilla browser is used by millions every day. Do not miss those in your userbase.

Inacent is developing Firefox extensions since the very beginning of the browser. We have built 100+ extensions for the Mozilla browser. Firefox add-ons enhance the user browsing experience by adding new features onto the Mozilla browser itself like menus and toolbar buttons, or changing the way certain web pages behave like adding or removing content, showing popups and overlays or adding more information related to the user. The most popular examples of Firefox extensions deal with advertisement hiding, web developer tools, prices comparison, coupon codes, targeted advertising, etc. Firefox extensions are hosted on the Mozilla Add-Ons Store (AMO) and can be easily download and installed from their. Before you can upload an extension to the Mozilla Web Store, your Firefox extension have to pass very strict AMO editor review for complying to all Mozilla standards, security policies and best development practices. If you outsource the Firefox add-on development with us you are guaranteed that the extension will be approved by AMO editors as our development team strictly adheres to all development standards and best practices as proposed by Mozilla. If you need to use UI elements supported only in the new Add-On SDK then you have no choice but to migrate to the latest version of the SDK. In case your Firefox add-on relies heavily on third-party library, XPCOM or uses mainly low-level API, then most probably it could not be simply ported but has to be re-written from scratch using the new SDK.


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