Chrome Extension Developers The Google browser is the most popular in the world. Having extension for it is a must for any successful business.

Focusing on very specific project types, our Chrome extensions, plugins and add-ons developers stay highly-efficient in time, deliver with top quality and achieve pure magic inside the Google browser. An extension developed by our team of true professionals is guaranteed acceptance on the Chrome Web Store. Your released product would very much look like if the Google has developed it themselves. Inacent offers professional Chrome extensions development services since the very beginning of extensions support in the Google Chrome browser. Over the years we have created more than a hundred add-ons, plugins and extensions working seamlessly inside the browser. Many of our most used solutions deal with shopping, best offers, coupon codes, price comparisons, injecting targeted advertising content and monetization. We are helping millions of happy users to find better deals and prices on the internet every minute. Another category of Chrome extensions that we have developed is productivity tools. These are Chrome add-ons tightly integrated with web mail clients, personal calendars, catalogs scraping tools, auto-fill and auto-submit data, and many others. We provide Chrome extensions and plugins development for security products like auto-login, single sign-on, smart sign-in and two-factored authentication. You can find more information in our solutions portfolio. Our Chrome extensions developers are one of the best JavaScript gurus in the world. We employ a small but very experienced team working together for many years solely on browser extensions for the Google Chrome browser.


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