• Browser Extensions

    Over the last ten years Inacent have successfully delivered hundreds of browser add-ons, toolbars, plugins and extensions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers. Our company is the market leader in browser extensibility and customization.

  • Advertising Backends

    Browser add-ons usually work with a RESTful API as backend web service that feeds them with advertising content. Having the same development team to build your frontend and backend boosts up your project a lot and guarantees that both ends fit well together.

  • Affiliate Profit Sharing

    To monetize from revenue sharing you engage consumers with merchant offers and direct them to their online stores through your affiliate links. The consumer wins as he gets a better price, the merchant wins as he sells more products and the partner wins as he gets a commission.

  • Targeted Advertising

    You monetize on browser add-ons by advertising relevant products through targeted ads from a network of retailers and publishers. Our company aggregates products from thousands of online merchants to provide the most relevant deals based on keyword search or product name.


  • Chrome Extensions
  • Firefox Add-Ons
  • Safari Extension
  • Ruby on Rails Apps
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Responsive Web Design


  • Affiliate Profit Sharing
  • Enrich Search Results
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Price Comparisons
  • Deals & Discounts
  • Coupon Codes

Our Skills Set

Ruby on Rails


  • couponfollow
  • additfirst
  • dover
  • priceblink
  • powrofyou
  • gocheapr