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Who Are We

Inacent is a software company specialized in the development of web applications and browser extensions. We build with open-source technologies like Ruby on Rails and modern JavaScript platforms like ReactJS, AngularJS and BackboneJS. We store data on PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. We host on AWS, Heroku and OpenShift. We create robust RESTful web services that serve JSON data to browser extensions, mobile applications or single-page web applications. We will take care of your web solution end-to-end, from design and development to deployment and hosting. Our company has helped many startups design, develop and grow their products.

How We Work

We have adopted agile software development methods and practices in our development process. The projects we develop evolve through close collaboration with our customers. Our priority is to satisfy the customer through continuous delivery of valuable software. Our team works in short sprint iterations delivering working software frequently. We love doing behavior-driven development (BDD) and test-driven development (TDD). On every project we go for 100% code coverage from the very start. Acceptance tests are fully automated in a continuous integration pipeline.

What People Say

Inacent was a tremendous help with our browser add-ons development. They helped us get up and running quickly and the code was very well written.

Dennis Baldwin CTO, PriceBlink

We definitely made the right choice with Inacent. They went above and beyond on our project and cared about the product as if it was their own.

Marc Mezzacca Founder, CouponFollow

Inacent did a great job for for us. They are the real experts on browser extensions. I strongly recommend them for any web development project.

Eric Oostveen Partner, Q-plan


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