Developing inside the browsers since 2002

Browser Add-Ons Plugins Extensions

Inacent is a software development house specialized in developing browser add-ons, plugins and extensions for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Extending all major browsers is our company main business model for over 10 years. Our company has established itself as the market leader in that web development niche.

We have successfully delivered 100+ end-to-end solutions within the profit sharing affiliate model. These browser add-ons are focused on profit sharing affiliates, targeted advertising, price comparisons, better deals, coupon codes, discounts, promotions, special offers and all necessities of the online shopping through user searches. It is a win-win-win - the user finds a better price, the seller finds its buyer and the affiliate gets its share.

Clean and Simple Web Apps

Clean and Simple Applications Our company goal is creating simple and robust solutions. Our company focus is user experience. The software products we build provide a simple and intuitive interface. But the good looks are not enough if the application is not working flawlessly. The robustness of all our software products comes from the maturity of our development team. Inacent employs only senior software engineers with many years of practical experience. We have on board Microsoft MVPs, AMO editors, Chromium contributors and JavaScript gurus. They all share a single passion - building the best browser extensions on the web today.