Browser Extensions and Web Applications Development

We Develop Browser Extensions

We are specialized in the development of browser extensions and plugins with main focus on affiliate profit sharing and targeted advertising.

Why Inacent?

Grow your revenue with targeted ads. Monetize on your browser add-ons. Find out more

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  • Chrome extensions development

    Chrome Extensions

    Inacent creates professional Chrome extensions and apps since the rise of the Google browser. Our dev team knows every bit and byte of that Chromium project.

  • Firefox extensions development

    Firefox Add-Ons

    We are the true experts in developing restartless Firefox add-ons with many years of experience in building XUL-based and Jetpack extensions using Mozilla latest SDK.

  • Safari extensions development

    Safari Extensions

    Enhancing the Safari browser with extensions enables you to interact with the browser in a way normal web pages cannot. Let our Apple Certified Pros do the job for you.

  • Internet Explorer extensions development

    IE Plugins

    Our team has rich experience in developing Internet Explorer plugins and extensions in native C++ that could be a real nightmare for a web developer.

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  • PriceBlink

    PriceBlink: Lower Prices While You Shop

    When you are viewing a product or searching PriceBlink automatically scans over 4,000 merchants for lower prices. Whatever you are shopping for - PriceBlink has you covered.

  • Colour Variations

    CouponFollow: Real Big Savings.

    CouponFollow is a real-time savings engine, aimed to help consumers find discount savings in the form of coupon codes. It tracks the latest coupon codes and organize them.

  • Services Green

    Tooltje: Discounts on Top Deals and Offers

    Tooltje extension finds discounts and coupons for you automatically. The browser add-on shows up a popup while you are shopping online to notify you that you can save money.


  • PriceBlink
  • CouponFollow
  • Tooltje
  • AdditFirst
  • PriceSniper
  • GoCheapR