Developing inside the browsers since 2002

Browser Add-Ons, Plugins and Extensions Development

Inacent is a software development house specialized in developing professional browser add-ons, plugins and extensions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers. Extending all major browsers is our company main business model for over 10 years. Our company has established itself as the market leader in that web development niche.

We have delivered hundreds of successful client-side solutions whose lifecycle is inside the browser. Our company is the most influential provider when it comes to customizing the browser behavior and looks. We develop plugins and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers. The add-ons we create are fully integrated with your established business. They communicate in the background with your backend servers to guarantee unobtrusive user browsing experience. Most of our solutions deal with advertising, shopping, discounts, promotions and special offers. Inacent has delivered 100+ attractive browser extensions that have directly impacted our clients business value as they have attracted thousands of delightful consumers. Check our proven project history of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE plugins we have developed over the years.

Clean and Simple Applications

Clean and Simple Applications Our company primary goal is to construct software products that are simple and usable. We strongly believe that user experience should be driving the application design. The software we build offers simple easy-to-use experience increasing user productivity. How users interact with your application makes the difference between good and bad software design. In the past ten years we realized that reaching the right user experience means not only designing the easy-to-use interface but also having a deep understanding of the technology we use to build that application. That is why we specialized in a very narrow development niche - browser extensions and plugins. Our company main value is that rich knowledge in browsers architecture and frameworks that allows our developers to extend all major browsers in the most efficient way and according to all best practices and development starndards.