Chrome Extensions

Inacent offers professional Chrome extensions development services since the very beginning of extensions support in the Google Chrome browser.

Firefox Add-Ons

We are true experts in developing Firefox add-ons and extensions with many years of experience in creating both XUL-based and restartless Add-On SDK extensions.

Internet Explorer Plugins

Our team has rich experience in developing Internet Explorer add-ons, plugins and extensions in native C++ which could be a real nightmare for web developers.

Safari Extensions

Our company provides Safari extensions development services. Our experienced developers have rich knowledge in extending the Safari browser.

Who We Are

Browser extensions developers

Browser extensions developers

Inacent is a software company specializing in the development of browser add-ons, plugins and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. Extending the browsers is our company main business model.

What We Do

We develop browser extensions

  • Chrome Extensions
  • Firefox Add-Ons
  • Safari Extensions
  • Internet Explorer Plugins
  • Cross-browser Extensions

What People Are Saying

Our customers success stories

  • Steven Kukla, Technical Manager at AOL

    "It was a great experience"

    Steven Kukla, Technical Manager at AOL
  • Dennis Baldwin, CEO of PriceBlink

    "Inacent was a tremendous help"

    Dennis Baldwin, CTO at PriceBlink
  • Marc Mezzacca, Founder at CouponFollow

    "We made the right choice"

    Marc Mezzacca, Founder at CouponFollow